Packaging Solutions

How We Provide Results

We use a consultative approach to establishing long-term, partner-style relationships. Our goal is to understand the customers’ business and design solutions that provide quality products and services that add value to the customer’s organization.

We engage with the customer to understand their needs, goals and challenges.

We design customized solutions that generate efficiency, value and sustained results.  

Examples of these solutions include:

  • Designing custom supply chain & managed inventory solutions which eliminate out-of-stock scenarios & provide preferred pricing models
  • Using our packaging and process expertise to advise current best practices that yield supply use and labor efficiencies
  • Streamline procurement & AP processes that provide administrative efficiencies
  • Providing information such as real-time inventory availability & historical usage visibility that generate confidence in the systems and solutions

To Support Our Customer Partners, we design internal processes and procedures to facilitate the flow of products & information. Examples of these include:

  • Weekly customer inventory level reviews and distribution of inventory reports to the customers
  • Customer location on-site inventory & product usage reviews
  • Systems for communicating order flow & inventory information
  • Outreach to customers’ team to address issues & future needs planning

Throughout the relationship, we remain engaged to continue learning about customer needs, goals and challenges to further propose relevant solutions that add additional value. We believe continuous communication and problem-solving are key to the long-term success of our partners. 

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