Who We Work With

We have a proven system for ensuring our customers have the quality products they need at competitive prices, delivered accurately and on-time and supported proactively by our highly experienced team. 

We are uniquely positioned to be a one-stop resource with a comprehensive offering of industrial supplies and logistics services. From custom packaging design and testing to managed inventory and logistics programs, we provide customers with high-quality products and elevated services that help ensure their success. 

Our top Customers represent multinational publicly traded companies, Fortune 500 private companies, industry leaders in ecommerce, food & beverage, specialty manufacturing, explosives and hazardous material manufacturing, to name a few. These companies value our approach and rely on us to keep their businesses running. The proof is in our extremely low attrition rate. We don’t lose customers. 

Performance Packaging is an inventory and supply chain management company providing industrial supplies and related services that save our customers time, money and resources.