About Us

Packaging & Process Experts

Our business is packaging. Our experience is operations. Our expertise is uniting the best of these components to improve our customers’ business.

Performance Packaging & orderpackaging.com are packaging-supply distributors with a difference. Most of the industry focuses on transactional business. We are customer-focused. We understand that we succeed by helping our customers achieve positive, measurable results.

Being a packing expert is difficult. Anyone can sell products. Utilizing the best products for the specific application is game-changing. We utilize a wealth of resources to achieve this result.;

Our team of industry experts, product manufacturers & converters, designers, testing labs and compliance professionals work together to propose the right product solutions for the application. From general, everyday packaging supplies to highly customized product-specific packaging, our products are high-quality, industry-tested and guaranteed to perform.;

We excel in warehousing, distribution and manufacturing operations. Our team has more than 50 years’ experience in the retail operations & logistics, corrugated manufacturing, purchasing & procurement, ecommerce & fulfillment spaces.;

Utilizing our operations experience helps us understand our customers’ operations. From simple assembly to complex automated systems, we work to find the right blend of process and product to make the result more efficient, more productive and more sustainable.

This marriage of right-product, right-process yields results such as:

  • Less materials used
  • Faster packaging completion
  • Reduced dimension space used
  • More efficient shipping dimensions
  • Eliminating internal damage

Call on us to help improve your packaging operation.

How we work with customers


  • Current situation
  • Wants and needs
  • Preferences


  • Plug in our services and solutions
  • Create product assortments


  • Outlines services and solutions
  • Quote
  • Terms


  • New client paperwork
  • Finalize terms
  • Initiate services and solutions


  • Implement processes defined in the Proposal
  • Assign in-house responsibilities


  • Review metrics per defined schedule
  • Direct responses per results of the review


  • Communicate program status to the customer
  • Propose adjustments as needed